Utlities & Bucket Trucks

Route surveys and pre planning for super loads are very important for overall success.  The planning involves providing the most cost effective and most efficient route for any over-height or extremely over-dimensional cargo to reduce costs and reduce risks.  Route surveys are one critical aspect needed to ensure all aerial obstructions are able to be lifted and transported under.  The planned route will need to be able to accommodate the truck and cargo in both dimensions and in weight.  Examples for width, is signage and poles for lights or signals.  Height examples are wires, signal lights and roadway lighting.  We also have to plan around plants, trees and décor items that may be installed along the roadways or in mediums.   We work with Route Survey companies and our teams of pilot car drivers that assist in determining the best routes for the transport project. Once our team of experienced super load coordinators, drivers and project team members can elect the best route, we will then have to provide route surveys as proof to the state and local authorities upon request of permits and road travel prior to being issued the formal approval for transport, with the state and local requirements.  Together we can work to insure the transport of your over dimensional and overweight cargo is delivered without damage, prevent delays and incident. 

In addition to width and weight, we have projects for our clients that require extreme height care and expertise planning.  On certain over height shipments we will require the assistance of height pole escorts, and bucket truck assistance.  Our certified contractors of bucket truck contractors work with city and state electrical engineers to temporarily lift or remove any obstacles above the transporting load.  These obstacles are the overhead wires, traffic signals and other signaling devices.  Also any signage that is installed overhead that needs to be removed during project.  These items are removed then re-installed once your load has safety passed.

Project scopes that our bucket truck operators will accomplish are:

  • Raise, removal and re-installation of traffic control signals and street lights
  • Raise, removal and re-installation of aerial communication wires and cabling
  • Move and removal with reinstall of any road-side or bridge signs and other movable obstructions
  • Manage traffic control and assist with directing or blocking of interaction
  • Safely assist night transports with extra safety lighting and signaling of traffic lane closures


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