Super Loads

Bonnie Blue Specialized heavy haul team can provide all transportation services for your oversized and superloads.  No superload is too big for Bonnie Blue Specialized, so allow us take that heavy load off your mind.

Bonnie Blue Specialized has extensive experience in moving industrial machinery and heavy equipment in a diverse range of industries.  Together our experienced superload teams have successfully hauled and delivered equipment and machinery throughout the continental United States, Alaska, Canada and Mexico.  We service superload projects ranging from all public, private and government sectors all over North America.  The industries we continue to service rely on our highly professional and experienced Bonnie Blue Specialized logistic managers and specialized drivers to deliver the required materials and equipment with extreme precision with our state of the art specialized trucking equipment.  Our expertise is not limited to moving heavy equipment, but delivering even the most fragile and sensitive equipment as superloads with ease and care. 

Bonnie Blue Specialized heavy haul team has countless hours of experience in all conditions and deadlines.  You can feel confident in our drivers and staff when you need your superload shippments moved maintaining your project schedule and budget.  Bonnie Blue Specialized Superload Team contributes all aspects for a complete and successful transportation solution provider.  At Bonnie Blue Specialized, our superload specialized team have an all go, no quit attitude with motivation and dedication to do whatever is required to complete and deliver all superload tasks at hand safely and professionally. 

Superload heavy haul is trucking of equipment and machinery that push the limits with excessive over-dimensions and overweight of tremendous measures.  Superloads pose precision planning and unique challenges for shippers.  Bonnie Blue Specialized Superload Trucking Team provides extensive knowledge and expertise to assist in paving the way to delivery with all of superload’s special requirements.  Superload requirements entail special superload permits in order to obtain routing and state restrictions to any destination or port within the continental United States, Canada, and Mexico.         

Superload trucking requires state of the art heavy duty multi axle tractors with custom multi axle trailers that can transport your superload safely.  Superloads are often transformers, press units, tanks, machinery, control buildings and custom fabricated colossal objects of all magnitudes of oversized dimensions and weights.  Planning, budgeting, scheduling and routing your superload shipment logistics are extremely detailed, time extensive however by allowing our superload specialists to assist you can take that heavy haul load off your mind.  Very few specialized carriers and are capable of handling such enormous hauling projects, at Bonnie Blue Specialized we are here to ensure that your load is delivered to your desired destination in a safe and timely manner.

Through Bonnie Blue Specialized we can provide superload specialized transport both as a superload trucking company and as a superload 3rd party logistics provider, either way contributing our very best heavy haul transport solution that you can count on everytime. 

Estimated pre-defined terms for a superload are usually as follows:

  • Width of cargo exceeds 15’6”
  • Height of cargo exceeds 14’6”
  • Length of cargo exceeds 110’
  • Weight of cargo exceeds 108,000 lbs

Preliminary superload permit processing prior to transport require the following from manufacture or shipper:

  • Shippers letter confirming contract to Bonnie Blue Specialized as carrier or broker, with loading and delivery addresses. 
  • A written confirmation of superload cargo details, such as dimensions, weights and any photos or drawings proving that cargo is non-reducible (cannot be reduced to legal dimensions)

Superload permits are applications for each and all jurisdictions within the US Department of Transportation (DOT) network consisting of various governmental agencies, states, and multiple municipalities that determine route survey requirements for your superload shipment.  The DOT of each state has their own criteria for defining permit requirements for each load transported on their roadways. 

Our specialized superload specialists at Bonnie Blue Specialized can assist with all legal requirements for any oversize, overweight superloads by assisting in the aspects of your superload transport.   In addition to permits, route survey and bridge analysis many Department of Transporation (DOT) superload permits, require certified pilot and escort vehicle operators (P/EVO) to guide truck and cargo safely to delivery destination.  Bonnie Blue Specialized staff of certified pilot and escort vehicles, including pole cars to direct truck and cargo safely from its loading location to its final delivery destination without damage to the load, motorists, highways, roads, bridges, control devices, signs, wires, overpasses or any property.

On extreme superload transportation projects, depending on the nature of your superload permits may also require in addition to civilian ceritified pilot and escort vehicle operators the required use of police escorts, engineering and private utility companies’ coordination to insure public safety during transportation and delivery of your superload cargo.  Managing these diverse permits can be challenging.  If all aspects of your superload transportation are not planned and dealt with efficiently can hinder public safety, lead to property damage, delays and additional costs.  When working with superload trucking and transportation it is crucial that you enlist the services of a superload carrier and trucking company that is familiar with the various permits and restrictions associated with these colossal moves like our staff of superload specialists at Bonnie Blue Specialized.

Bonnie Blue Specialized is well versed with all of the diverse permits required to conduct a professional, safe superload hauling experience for you and your clients.  Bonnie Blue’s superload staff is well trained transport professionals with vast experience in superload transportation and superload specialized hauling.  Bonnie Blue Specialized companies together provide the diligence pertaining to permit requirements that lead to customer satisfaction every superload transport.  

We provide superload trucking through all lower 48 states within the continental United States, Alaska, Canada and Mexico year round.  We service superload transports in and out of all seaports, and points of entry within North America.  Our thriving business throughout every season makes our staff extremely knowledgeable about the seasonal, holiday and construction restrictions that may impact your shipment’s superload permits, route or schedule.   Our specialized and heavy haul staff at Bonnie Blue Specialized can facilitate your gigantic superload moves across USA and beyond international borders with ease and efficiency. 

Superload industries and sector examples Bonnie Blue Specialized services for North America:

  • Machine Tool Manufactures & Distributors
  • Tank Manufactures & Distributors
  • Oilfield
  • Wind Energy Towers, Turbines & Components
  • Power Generation & Transformers
  • U.S. and Local Governments
  • Emergency Public Safety Organizations
  • Medical Imaging
  • Laboratories
  • Aerospace Contractors
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food and Beverage Plants
  • Forging
  • Printing
  • Clean Room
  • Foundries
  • Defense Contractors
  • Technology
  • Automotive
  • Railway & Rail System components


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