History/ Vision/ Mission

What separates us from everyone else? Our team was founded on becoming a beacon to the truck drivers & agents in need of driving & working with a rock solid company for Christ.  Bonnie Blue Specialized is a for profit ministry focused on the Personal, Professional & Spiritual Growth of everyone involved with this company.  As a service to our trucking industry, we see ourselves as shepherds tending to a fuel-injected flock, seeking to minister to anyone of any faith who needs spiritual or professional guidance or just a sympathetic ear.

Many of the truckers, loaders, or agents we encounter have been stuck on the dock, lost in the supply chain, or alone on the road for weeks.  For these men and women, the road is a vast void that gives them little else to do but dwell on their families and loved ones, especially in times of crisis; and how the miles between them and the financial strains of their current lives prevent them from being there to help.  We will support our owner operators with faith building tools and encouragement, assist with finding and seeking the loads that lead them home when needed, and will stop to bow our heads and pray with our drivers.  Together, we can bring solace, comfort and strength to each other and the supply chain we support.

It is our goal to work with each individual driver to understand their specific needs; We will look at where they live, the equipment they currently have, how much they want to earn and how many days a year they are willing to work, and based on those factors, We will develop a business model for that driver that will not only achieve those goals. Exceed them! Bonnie Blue Specialized Transportation’s founder, Christopher Miller has walked and driven in the trucker’s shoes.  He worked for years driving trucks out on the road of life.  It took him away from his wife, and business partner Karen and their children for weeks at a time.  Somewhere along his journey, the word went out to him that he was needed; he hasn’t hesitated to answer the call.  “I see this company as God’s assignment to the trucking industry for my wife and I.”